Are there any alternatives to health insurance?

Health coverage is always a shelter to the huge expenses which anyone is likely to encounter at any point in his life. But sometimes affordability prevents people from taking a health insurance for them. Some alternatives should be there and a lot of service providers availing health coverage in particular areas like hospital care, drugs […] Continue reading →

Is Mediclaim The Same As Health Insurance?

With respect to the intention for having one, mediclaim and Health insurance provide the same or similar purpose. That is helping you financially in case you had to seek expensive medical care. Since this is not an uncommon situation, more and more people are attracted towards these two policies. But despite the similarities in their […] Continue reading →

Is Health Insurance the same as Life Insurance?

It is necessary for everyone to have insurance and the reason is quite obvious. The unexpected happens unexpectedly. Many times, mishaps knock even the healthiest and strongest one down. The mishaps may be illness, accidents and even death. By having insurance even these mishaps or their impact can’t be minimized surely, they can avail support […] Continue reading →

Can I buy more than one Health Insurance Policy?

The Health Insurance Policy or popularly known as Mediclaims are nowadays an essential insurance category and it is one of the most selling insurance policies in the field. All the major insurance service providers have various health insurance policy packages and they are competing to give its customers the best service so that they can […] Continue reading →